Yes Please – Guy Creates “Portable” Playstation 4, Streams From The TV, Virtually No Lag

The below video is from the YouTube Channel, My Mate VINCE who in his infinite brilliance has created the PS4 U. A PS4 version of the Wii U console. Imagine you’re trying to play a game but suddenly the other half is kicking you off to watch her trashy Eastenders. Just flick on your portable monitor and stream it from the TV. Perfect!

All the technical details are explained in the video, as well as instructions on how to build your own. It all seems a little complicated and expensive to me, I’d rather just get two Playstation 4’s just in case. But it is a cool idea and one I shall be wanting to try eventually.

Click below to see the video, visit his channel for a bunch more videos including an actual portable PS4, and the XBox version of this.

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