Where Does She Get The Patience? – Timelapse Of Girl Taking A Selfie Every Day For 8 Years

Note: Photo screenshotted totally at random.

Much like the video posted by Hugo Cornellier, this video is from Anne Eadington, who somehow had the same idea. Was there something I missed last decade that required everyone to take a daily photo? I barely had a computer ten years ago so who knows let alone a camera. After 8 years of taking a photograph every day, Eadington then timelapsed them all together for a 3 minute video of awesome. It’s amazing to see how much someone changes but how much they stay the same.

I mean, I went from lacking the ability to grow a beard to gaining the ability to grow a really rubbish beard. Let’s hope Eadington continues this until she’s at least 140. That would be a video I’d like to see. “But you’ll be dead by then!” You’re right, I’ll be dead before she hits 32.

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