I’m 100% Behind This – Real Transformer Actually Changes From Car Into A Walking Robot

I love Transformers. Don’t get me wrong, I’m talking about the cartoon here. Not that rubbish Michael Bay has been churning out well past its prime. As a kid, there was nothing cooler than robots turning into cars, planes, helicopters etc. If you were a fan of this then you’ll be a fan of the below videos from BRAVE ROBOTICS Inc. called the J deite RIDE which show you the car turning into a robot (while people are inside) and also the robot walking.

Get these into production now and lets all just walk (very slowly) to work.

Click below to see the videos.

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Oh God, Will You Stop Antagonising It!

Remember the other day when we showed the SpotMini opening a door for his friend? Well now Boston Dynamics have released footage of what happens when you try to stop the little robot pooch from opening the door. Safe to say that this is truly the beginning of the end. One day that robot dog is going to get angry and bite the hand that feeds it. Mark my words. This time in 20 years time, we’ll all be Robot slaves.

The SpotMini shows remarkable durability when trying to keep the door close. It also doesn’t give up when you try pulling it away from the door.

No doubt this is a very clever invention. However it’s going to end in tears.

Keep going for the video of the never say die attitude of robotics.

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The End Is Near – Robot Holds Door Open For Robot Friend

I’m pretty sure I saw an episode of Black Mirror recently that had four legged robots that were able to do things. This reminded me of that way too much and it didn’t end well for the people involved. This is a video from Boston Dynamics, a company that specialises in robotic design. They already have their robot “Big Dog” working for the military already, doing God only knows what. This one I believe is called a “SpotMini”. Considering where we were 10 years ago to where we are now in regards to AI and robots that can open doors for their mates; surely this means the world will soon end.

It’s only a matter of time because they put AI in a robot. Robot gets angry. Robot takes over the world. I just hope I’ll be dead before that happens. “But you’ll be alive for another 50 years!” Not at the rate I’m going. I’ll be lucky to last another 50 minutes! Too be fair to Boston Dynamics though, the design of this robot is beautiful. All it needs is a head attachment and we can start selling them to children.

What? You have a real dog? Yeah well… this one will probably last more than 15 years. AND it opens doors.

Click the link to see the video to see the beginning of the end.

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