HTC Create A “Transparent” Phone, Guy Takes A Look At It, Then Fixes It

This is from the huge YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, the man I wish I was. This time he takes a look at the HTC U11. HTC have recently released a “transparent” version. True it does show you the battery, but Zack goes one better and makes it completely transparent. Me personally, I wouldn’t dare take any sort of blade to a brand new phone, so watching what he does to these phones he reviews truly makes me cry. I also don’t see the point of the phone being transparent either, as all of mine go into a case straight away. Why would you keep an expensive piece of hardware just loose in your pocket with no protection?!

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Don’t Jump! – Woman Falls Over While Using HTC Vive

This is a video of a woman using a HTC Vive, walking the plank. I can imagine it looks pretty scary from a first person perspective. What’s even scarier are the messy wires all over the room, I’m hoping they’ve just moved in. While the woman wearing the headset is trying not to fall off the virtual plank, she is then pushed IRL which causes her to fall down and bang her head.

Maybe stick to Mario. There’s never ever danger playing Mario.

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The Same But Different – Samsung Unveil Galaxy S9

The below video is the official unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S9, their answer to the iPhone X by Apple. Naturally I’m a massive fan of this phone, considering that I have the Galaxy S8 Plus currently, the Galaxy S7 before that. Which incidentally was my first Samsung device since owning the D900, probably my favourite ever phone (I like slidey things). After spending many years with HTC phones, I eventually found my way back to Samsung.

The design is pretty much the same as the S8 on the phone, with the smaller bezels and further curved screen. I always used to watch the scifi shows of how they’d have a completely bezelless phone and wondered how we’d ever get to that. Looks like we’re getting there slowly but surely considering the phones that have been released over the last year or so. Not to mention keeping the headphone jack is a huge plus!

The main difference is the camera, now sporting two rear cameras on the Plus and a new location for the fingerprint sensor (although I still swipe to unlock like a caveman). Unfortunately that annoying Bixby button is still there, the best thing they ever did with the Galaxy S8 was give us the ability to turn Bixby off. Sorry but I don’t need Bixby handling my life. I do that pretty well on my own. Now all they need to do is allow us to reprogram the button! Plus there are now two speakers on the device, one on either end, which gives you sound in stereo.

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