Swift Kick In The Feels – Watch This Magician Put Britain’s Got Talent Judges In Tears, Earns Golden Buzzer

The below video is from this years Britain’s Got Talent, probably the only type of these shows I actually enjoy these days. While we got the usual razz, the one that stands out is magician Marc Spelmann. Marc Spelmann does four magic tricks for the judges, but it’s not the tricks that make this so emotional. What’s just as important as the actual tricks themselves is the story that goes along with it. What a fantastic story it was. Marc’s wife had tried to get pregnant for five years, the moment she’s successful, she gets diagnosed with cancer.

After battling through chemotherapy whilst pregnant, the baby actually survives! That baby then guesses all the answers to the trick, months in advance. The whole thing brought a few concrete blocks to my hardened eyes. If you haven’t watch Britain’s Got Talent, at least watch this.

Keep going for the video.

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