Watch This Timelapse Of A Dude Sculpting Some Of Your Favourite Movie Characters Out Of Clay

The below videos are of Steven Richter of Tom Spina Designs sculpting some of our favourite characters. Clay can be a wonderful thing if you actually have an artistic talent. I once made some pretty awesome clay sculptures when I was in school. “You made a wonky ashtray that was green and brown.” Yeah but it was an awesome ashtray! “It had a hole in the middle of it and your mother got cigarette ash everywhere.” Yeah well, I was 7, what do you expect?!

Below he creates Thanos (with light up eyes), Hulk and Chewbacca. Of course be sure to visit his channel for a bunch more. The amount of time and detail that go into these are amazing. You don’t really get a sense of how long these take to create as they’re filmed in a timelapse. But you can be damn sure it takes more patience than I am capable of.

Click below to see the videos.


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