Resistance Is Futile! – 3D Printing Temporary Electronics Onto Human Hands Now A Possibility

The below videos are from the University of Minnesota’s Science and Engineering team. The videos show how its possible to 3D print electronics onto human skin. This could be used from say being able to turn your lights on and off, to battlefield soldiers to detect chemical or biological weapons. Still in its early stages of course. But eventually I’m hoping it’ll allow me to hack into bank accounts and steal money. “But that’s illegal!” Yeah? Try and stop me, I’ll turn you into a cyborg slave. Now you’re sweeping my back garden!

Click below to see the first video showing you the actual printing, the second video is of Michael McAlpine talking about his research. Remember this day. Michael McAlpine I reckon will be all over the news. Touted as the man who ended humanity as we know it.

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