Simply Amazing – Guy Creates Stunning Pictures Using Only Spray Paint

The below video is from the My Mate VINCE YouTube channel. While known for usually making non-portable consoles… portable, this video is of a painter he saw in Tenerife whilst on holiday. The painter uses only spray paint to create these masterpieces. Watching the whole thing come together makes me realize that my stick figure drawings suck.

Hi, this video shows a Tenerife Street Artist explaining how to do Spray Paint Art to my son. It is amazing to watch how quickly he works and the way the painting comes together. This was filmed in April 2018 in Los Cristianos in Tenerife. The price was 10 Euros for 1 painting or 20 Euros for 3 paintings. The artist was a true gentlemen, he had a lot of time for us and wouldn’t accept a tip. The paintings are limited to certain scenes like galaxies and skyscrapers but it is very interesting to watch if you haven’t seen it before.

I think I’d fail even creating the moon, let alone the rest of the stuff. If you’re ever in Tenerife, make sure you find this guy out. The fact that these paintings only cost 10 Euros a pop is amazing. You could definitely get a frame for these and get them up on a wall.

Click below to see the video.

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