Good Old Amazon – Delivery Guy Casually Attempts To Throw Package, Fails, Throws It Again

These are two videos from Artem Russakovskii who managed to film his Amazon delivery being made. The delivery driver casually attempts to throw the package up to the top floor of the guys patio, misses then does it again and saunters off. What’s even more amazing is he attempts to take a photo of the delivery while it’s in mid-air. How was he going to explain that one when he got back?

Hey Amazon, this is how your last mile delivery driver delivered my package today.

Are you kidding me?

My wife was in the car and watched the whole thing.

When he was walking back, she asked him “Really?”.

He said “Yup” and walked away.

Hopefully the guy got fired (probably didn’t though) and Artem at least managed to get some compensation. Considering the fact Amazon hire absolutely anyone, this sort of behaviour isn’t really all that shocking.

Keep going for the video and then another angle showing the Amazon driver is full view.

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