Get Me Back On Dial Up! – How Streaming Netflix Would Look Like In 1995

The below video is a mock-up of what Netflix would look like in 1995. From Jo Luijten of Squirrel Monkey, she creates a VHS style video, providing step by step instructions on how to watch all of your favourite movies using a 56k modem. It’s amazing how great we have it these days, considering this is really what it would have been like back then. It used to take me five minutes to load up a chat room I used to go in. Back before paedophiles tried to convince us to get on a bus.

No doubt Netflix in 1995 would have been amazing and to be honest, when I get myself a time machine, this is the first business model I’m going to set up.

You’ll know when that is, because the below video will be how to stream NerdFlix in 1995.

Keep going for the video.

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