Doesn’t Look Flat To Me – View Of Earth From A Geostationary Orbit

The video below, is of our beautiful planet from the Japanese weather satellite, Himawari 8. It’s truly fascinating how much the weather changes across the planet. It’s just a shame that in a couple of hundred years, it’ll be as barren as Mars once North Korea finally decide to start World War 3 with one of Trump’s offspring’s.

Compiled from Himawari Data for October 2017 – original resolution is 5500×5500 but Youtube converts this into an 8K frame. The flickers around midnight are where the sun would pass through the frame and no images are recorded.

The 8K resolution video shows just how beautiful our planet is, unfortunately there’s a lot of ugly people that live within it. If only we could just stick them all in a ship and just boot them out into space. Of course, this whole thing is just a fake because the Earth is flat and no one has actually ever left the planet.

Keep going for the video.

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